Ikerbasque - The Basque Foundation for Science

Research organizations

Ikerbasque - The Basque Foundation for Science was created in 2007 by the Basque Government to contribute to develop scientific research in  the Basque Country by setting different activities, such as attracting researchers, creating new research   centres and disseminating the science culture within the society.


During this period, Ikerbasque has recruited over 300 researchers from more than 24 countries, who have joined  the  universities  and  research centers of the Basque Country. These researchers have published more than 7,000 scientific articles in indexed publications, with over 10,000 citations per year.

BERC development

The Foundation has contributed to the development of the BERC (Basque Excellence  Research  Centres) research centers, a network that is currently comprised of 9 centers working on cutting edge research fields.

Support activities to the Basque Research System

Ikerbasque performs many other activities to monitor and boost Science in the Basque country with iniciatives such as:

  • Ikerboost

Ikerbasque launched Ikerboost, the Science and Technology Observatory, in 2010. This includes a battery of socioeconomic and bibliometric indicators, both at the autonomous community and state or international levels, which allows a characterization of the Basque scientific community and its quantitative and qualitative comparisons with those of other countries. Ikerboost annually publishes the Report on Science in the Basque Country.

  • Euraxess Service Center

The Basque regional service center of the Euraxess network is managed by Ikerbasque and offers personalized assistance to the highly qualified professionals (researchers, technologists, etc.) who come to work to the Basque Country.

  • Science.eus

This web portal was launched in January 2016 by Ikerbasque, which gathers information on all the scientific infrastructures, job offers for researchers and research groups in the Basque Country.




Ikerbasque - The Basque Foundation for Science

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