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The CITA Alzheimer Foundation, Centre for Research and Advanced Therapies for Alzheimer's disease, was created with the intention of discovering the secrets of Alzheimer's Disease in order to prevent and cure it. Its objective is to become an international benchmark institution in research on Alzheimer's disease and to contribute to the wellbeing of society through the transfer of knowledge generated and the creation of economic value. CITA-Alzheimer is a private, non-profit foundation committed to society and dedicated to research on Alzheimer's disease, offering care for people who suffer from this disease. The CITA Alzheimer team is composed of a multidisciplinary research group that are leaders in the field possessing state-of-the-art technology and cooperating closely with national and international research centres. CITA Alzheimer is also in possession of a unique social capital: the 500 volunteers who are involved in the PGA study along with the patrons and partners who have contributed towards making the dream of one day winning the battle with this disease a possibility.


CITA Alzheimer Foundation

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