Bioaraba Health Research Institute

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Bioaraba is the Health Research Institute located in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, which brings together all the public research carried out at the Integrated Health Organization of Araba. THe center produces alliances with other institutions of our environment, generating public-private consortia to fulfill its mission. In addition, Bioaraba intends to generate the dissemination of knowledge, promoting the efficient translation of research results to clinical care. Bioaraba is conceived as a functional interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary translational biomedical research structure oriented to basic, clinical, epidemiological and health services research. The Institute also promotes the development of innovation in education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most prevalent diseases in our population, as well as the areas in which we have the highest excellence and those topics of special interest, as expressed by citizens. Bioaraba will work to position OSI Araba, its associated groups and all its professionals in professional prestige and social respect.


Bioaraba Health Research Institute

OSI Araba ESI Txagorritxu. University Hospital. C/ Jose Atxotegi, s/n – 01009 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba/Álava

How to arrive

T: +34 945 00 73 36