Research organizations

AZTERLAN Technology Center is a private non-profit organization specializing in metallurgy, whose primary mission is focused on the research, development and innovation, especially aimed at the metalworking industry and in close collaboration with the R&D units of companies.

AZTERLAN promotes excellence in applied research and is aware of the role it should play in the dissemination and transfer of technology to the industrial world. AZTERLAN seeks to become the European leader in the metallurgical sector, simultaneously boosting basic research, the creation of knowledge, applied research and technology transfer in favor of a more competitive industry. For over 30 years AZTERLAN has devoted special attention to the technological services that perfectly complement its research and technology transfer, serving more than 1,500 customers in various industries, most notably automotive, wind energy, aerospace, shipbuilding and railway. Being part of the BRTA alliance, which integrates several technology centers with a set of more than 1,400 researchers, is undoubtedly a boost in achieving the objectives of AZTERLAN.

T: +34 94 6215470