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Lurdes Mujika
Jose Luis Pedrejon

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The Unit carries out most of its activities within the framework of joint research projects with companies in the steel industry. All of these objectives contribute towards the development of more advanced tailor-made products (sheets, plates, long-tubes, forgings, etc.) that meet the most demanding requirements for a broad range of applications and also to promote the expansion of steel use in new markets.

The Unit’s activities are geared towards the improvement of the performance of the final product, offering broad experience in aspects such as :

Novel Processing Routes
Near Net Shape, Thin Slab Casting, Direct Rolling
New thermal/thermomechanical treatments.
Composition optimisation
Defect free production
Tailored steel grades with improved properties for particular applications
New high-strength grades
New micro-alloyed steel grades
Stainless steels and super-alloys

The basic part of the research carried out by the group contributes to the training of young researchers. The results obtained within these basic research projects become the starting point for the resolution of particular problems addressed by other projects which are predominantly technological.

  • Plane Strain Compression Test System
  • Fatigue Test System (LFC)
  • Hot Torsion Test Systems
  • Static Testing Systems
  • Uniaxial test System
  • High Rate Tensile Test System
  • Biaxial Fatigue Test
  • Short Resistance Furnace
  • High Temeperature Contact Extensometers
  • Electronic Speckle pattern Interfermetry (ESPI)
  • Infrared Thermography

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