Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution Analysis

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  • Physical Sciences

Dr. Amaia Agirre

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The CHDF3000 determines the particle size distribution of samples suspended in aqueous solutions in the range of 5 to 1 micron in diameter. The size distribution is determined by measurement of the particle elution time in a series of capillary tubes.
The separation is carried out by the Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation technique in which the particles behavior is influenced by the velocity profile of a flowing fluid. Due to the influence of the fluid velocity profile, larger particles will have a greater average velocity than smaller ones. The particle size distribution is determined by measuring the transit time of the particles through a series of capillary. For particle detection a UV detector is used with a wavelength range between 210-380 nm and a 35 watt deuterium lamp as the light source.
The CHDF 3000 can be used to analyze a wide variety of colloidal suspensions such as polymer latexes, organic pigments or inorganic particles. The fractionation cartridge and the eluant are for use with either anionic or sterically stabilized dispersions.


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