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The MRI platform at CICbiomaGUNE provides the instrumentation and expertise necessary to perform a broad spectrum of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy studies on a wide range of biological samples including small animals (rats, mice), tissue specimens, cultured cells and tissue extracts. This facility includes a well equipped surgery room used for preparing the animals for MR exams and a wide assortment of ancillary equipment, i.e. anesthesia machines, MR compatible physiological monitoring, infusion pumps, heating pads, etc.


7 T 30 cm horizontal bore MR Spectrometer Equipped with a 20 cm I.D.shielded imaging gradient system (200 mT/m for conventional imaging) and 12 cm I.D. high field gradient (400 mT/m switchable within 80us) insert for micro imaging and interfaced to a Bruker AVANCE III console. The console is configured with two broad band transmission channels as well as a 4 channel receiver array. A variety of volume and surface coils suitable for imaging of rodents are also available including state-of-the-art phase array assemblies. 11.7 T 16 cm horizontal bore MR Specrometer Equipped with a high performance 9 cm inner diameter 750 mT/m gradient tube switchable within 100us and interfaced to a Bruker AVANCE III console. The console is configured with full imaging capabilities, four broad band channels as well as a 8 channel receiver array. Dedicated RF-coils of different sizes for optimized rat brain, mouse brain, rat heart/body and mouse heart/ body are available, and includes state-ofthe- art phase array assemblies. Additional RF volume/surface coils to perform 13C, 19F and 31P MRS are also available. The instruments are ideal for the following purposes: - 2D and/or 3D high-resolution anatomical imaging - Diffusion and diffusion tensor imaging - Flow imaging - Cardiac imaging - Functional MRI - Chemical shift imaging and localized spectroscopy - Development or implementation of novel applications


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