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Ana Gorostidi Pagola, Ph.D.

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The first complete sequence of the human genome was published in 2003. This was a true milestone in the field of Biomedicine, both in terms of research and of practical applications. Complete sequences have now been published for hundreds of organisms. The function of the genes discovered in those organisms can now be characterised using different global strategies, such as the analysis of the signatures of gene expression by means of microarrays, the phenotypical analysis of mutants or the analysis of protein interactions. This knowledge also makes it possible to characterise microsatellites or polymorphisms of nucleotides (SNPs) and mutations associated with certain phenotypes. Many research groups are currently working on projects that include genetic studies. The Genomics Platform (GP) of the BioDonostia Health Research Institute has been created with a view to providing the necessary knowledge and equipment to researchers and assistance departments of the Donostia University Hospital, and to the scientific community in general, to help them in their research. The Genomics Platform offers advice for, and interaction with, research groups to help them implement the most appropriate genomics and transcriptomics techniques for the biological problems being studied, and also to help them design and/or refine new experimental approaches. We have qualified staff, the latest techniques and equipment for sequencing, genotyping and analysing gene expression, and a recently created lab which was designed following recommendations based on good laboratory practices.

The platform manages its processes according to the guidelines of Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, while its Quality Management System is certified by AENOR. This lends added value to the work carried out by the Platform, particularly with a view to external applicants for its services, and fosters trust regarding the extent of the Quality applied to the processing of their requests.


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