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Aitor Villaverde
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The Dry Room provides the environment required for the processing of the materials and assembly of the prototyping cells. Dry room platform gives the opportunity to CIC Energigune researchers to perform cutting edge research not only at materials but also at device level. It gives the chance to face and understand the problems for further tuning the performance of the materials.

The main characteristics of the platform are:
Dew point: - 60ºC
Temperature: 21 ºC + 1ºC

7 class ISO clean room
Area: 55m2

Overpressure: 30 Pa
Conductive floor

Every parameter is monitored with a SCADA system, from the air generation system, air flow, recirculation, room parameters, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment to the researches.

CIC Energigune is working on the following pouch cell dimensions:
42x62 mm
80x80 mm
Thickness: 1mmx5mm

Although it is going to be equipped with all the necessary equipment to prototype a 100 x 100 mm maximum size pouch cell if it would require.

The Dry Room is the perfect platform to develop pre advanced engineering process with small quantity of active materials and transfer to the advance engineering and process engineering.

It offers as well, a perfect environment for some operations in the research lines that are difficult and takes a lot of time to implement into a glove box. Ideal for some Postmortem analysis, Karl Fischer-tritations, etc.

The open platform concept, allows the cooperation with universities, another centers or private companies while retaining the confidentiality.


The dry room provides the opportunity to test many different battery technologies, moisture sensitive, under safe environment. After good results of a material in the laboratory, this platform fills the gap between the basic research and the advanced engineering in the industry, generating a real ORIENTED research, going beyond academic approach being able to relate it to long term system (batteries or supercapacitors) and market needs.

Available for testing different technologies that requires dry environment.
Small quantity of material is required to manufacture electrode slurry under vacuum environment.
Continuous or pattern coating
Single or double side coating
Organic binders coating. Consult for water based binders coatings


From different technologies electrodes we can assembly a complete pouch cell.

42 x 62 x 1-5 mm
80 x 80 x 1-5 mm
Consult for Other dimensions up to 100 x 100 mm

Liquid or solid electrolytes battery assembly.


Safety issues are critical when testing of the battery is performed. It must be done carefully and in a proper environment. Opening up of the battery and different analysis can be carried out inside the dry room.


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