Combustion and Thermal Management Laboratory

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Ricardo Marin. Advanced manufacturing. Fluid mechanics and heat transfer team.

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The laboratory is conceived as a facility for the development of combustion appliances, HVAC equipment and thermal management solutions, from the initial start-up tests to the pre-certifications essays of final prototypes. , gas, biofuel, and biomass appliances can be tested, with a power range covering from the domestic sector to low-power industrial applications. The laboratory offers a full range of instruments and tools to allow: (1) combustion components (burners, heat exchangers) test; (2) prototype appliances testing, validation and pre-certification; (3) characterization of the gaseous, liquid and biomass fuels (4) combustion fumes analysis; and (5) thermal management tests to optimize heat transfer and appliances thermal efficiency and to minimize emissions. This facility is intended to be used by the research groups, at Ikerlan, as a complement for advanced thermal design methodologies, such as computational fluid dynamics, CFD.


The laboratory includes seven test benches for combustion appliances analysis, reference and limit gases for appliances pre-certification tests, and fan-coils and/or cooling tower for heat dissipation. Specific scientific equipment includes: a-Combustible analysis (H2, hydrocarbons, H2O, etc.) equipment: • Gas chromatography: Varian Star 3400CX and microGC Varian CP-4900 • Calorimeter: LECO AC500 • Stress Rheometer and Karl Fischer titrator for liquid and solid fuel characterization. b- Combustion fumes analysis (O2, CO2, CO, NOx, draught) equipment: • Fumes analysis rack, Matelco • Portable fumes analyzers, Testo 350XL and Testo 300M c-Other scientific equipment: • Infrared photography and video camera: Flir Thermocam P25 • Optical pyrometers • Volumetric and mass flowmeters and controllers: Brooks, Kromschreder, etc. • Differential pressure measurement units: Digima, Testo, etc. • Data acquisition units: Agilent 45-channel 3497A and Fluke 20-channel Netdaq • Two Worksations, Dell Power Edge R815, with 32 and 48 parallel processors, for the CFD modeling with ANSYS-FLUENT Also, two humidity and temperature controlled climatic chambers (6x4x3 m), for thermal management solutions, refrigeration and HVAC prototypes (including heat pumps and air conditioners) testing are available. Finally, the laboratory includes a fast pyrolysis pilot plant, capable of processing up to 20 kg/h of biomass in a spouted bed reactor, for the conversion of biomass to biooil and char.


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