Cartography Service and Geographic Information Systems

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The Cartography and Geographic Information Systems Service has been devised as a back-up service for the Research and Training that the University would mainly offer to teachers and researchers who work with spatial information. The main objectives are to: Make available to the university community and other groups in society (scientists, public administration, companies and private individuals) a Territorial Data Bank and extensive digital cartographic support - both basic (topography, satellite images, orthophoto maps, etc.) and specific (thematic maps of geology, vegetation, soils, crops and their use, soil uses, urban development, etc.). Provide an infrastructure for the digitalization and publishing of cartography and maps, in addition to help carrying out scientific and informative presentations (posters, panels, programmes for congresses, conferences, etc.). Lend support to research and development in all types of project related to the measurement, depiction and dissemination of Heritage.


The areas of application are those that deal with work related to the spatial distribution of any type of element, in particular:

  • Geology (geological cartography, lithology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, etc.)
  • Biology (maps of vegetation, ecosystems, anthropology, etc.)
  • Geography (town and country planning, uses of soil, urban development, etc.)
  • Environmental science (maps of natural risks, erosion, etc.)
  • Engineering (maps of distribution of pollutants, vulnerability, etc.)
  • Others (demographic, property and socio-economic maps, etc.)
  • History, Prehistory and Archaeology (geometric documentation of Heritage)

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