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Carlos San José Marqués, Ph.D.

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The Animal Facility and Experimental Operations section has over 700 m2 of useful surface area designed for research and teaching. It is situated on the (-1) floor of the BioDonostia HRI. It has three work areas: a barrier area, an experimental operations area and a stabling area. In those areas, the groups of animals are kept in conditions of high biological safety, with strictly controlled health and environmental parameters. Colonies of rabbits, rats, mice, and especially transgenic mouse models, are kept here. The facility aims to be flexible and offer a solution to the problems facing the researchers, and was designed to be able to work with small, medium and large animals (mice, rats, rabbits and pigs), providing its users with technical advice regarding the test animals and their environment, and making sure existing legislation and regulations on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes are met. To endorse the BioDonostia HRI’s philosophy, we needed to go through the process of registering on the list of breeding centres, suppliers and users of test animals, having already been registered as an establishment that uses test animals (200690050419). We also obtained the notification of first use of premises to carry out contained use operations with genetically modified organisms (GMO) and the risk assessment of contained use operations with GMO for type I premises. The BioDonostia HRI animal facility provides support to the areas of research and teaching as regards the use of animals for those purposes, both for internal and external users


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