Animal Facilities Unit at CIC bioGUNE

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Juan Anguita Castillo
Teléfono: 944.061.311

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The CIC bioGUNE´s Animal Unit (AU) is an AAALAC accredited facility which includes a Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) area to house rodents from commercial sources and to produce and keep strains of genetically engineered mice (GEM). The AU works for the continuing improvement in their services and also engages in the development of new services through the collaboration with researchers from different areas of interest. The AU provides users with assessment and the necessary equipment to carry out research on laboratory animals, procures care and ensures the welfare of the animals, ensuring strict abiding to all legal and ethical standards concerning the use of animas for research. The Animal Care and Use Program (ACUP) of the CIC bioGUNE´s AU was initially accredited by AAALAC in June, 2008. Accreditation was renewed in 2011 and most recently, in 2014.


The main functions of the Animal facilities Unit are listed below.

1. Providing the users with the assessment and equipment necessary to carry out their research on laboratory animals.
2. Providing care and assuring the welfare of laboratory animals; carrying out periodic health monitoring tests.
3. Ensuring observance of all legal and ethical standards concerning the use of animals for research and other scientific ends.


Bizkaia Technology Park
Building 801
48160 Derio (Bizkaia)

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