Thermomecanical Processes Research groups

The Thermomechanical Processes Group focuses its research on projects with companies from the steel sector. These projects are aimed at broadening expertise and promoting technical advances and process improvements that may help to obtain more state-of-the-art, sustainable products.

Research lines:

  • New processing routes and improvements in processing sequences for flat and long products, tubes, forged pieces, etc.
  • Semi-finished products, thin slab casting, direct rolling
  • Improvements to heat and thermomechanical treatments and new solutions based on them.
  • Composition optimization
  • Zero-defect production
  • Designed-to-order alloys with improvements to specific properties
  • New ranges of high-strength steels
  • Advanced microalloyed steels
  • Stainless steels and superalloys
Science field

Engineering & Technology

RIS3 Priorities
  • Advanced manufacturing