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The research focuses on the nanofabrication, the study of physical-chemical phenomena in nanometric scale and in the properties of material (biomaterial) resulting from its nanostructuration. The research in the laboratory of Sergio Moya focuses on the nanofabrication, using elements of soft matter like synthetic polymers, biopolymers, membranes, etc; and in the phenomena associated with the nanometric scale and the physical properties resulting from the nanostructuration of a material (biomaterial). The laboratory is particularly interested in the design and fabrication of surfaces and complex colloidal systems (nanoparticles, nanowires, latexes, capsules) with structure and properties controlled at nanometric level, and their eventual medical applications or in controlled drug delivery. This work will complement with studies of the physical chemistry of supramolecular interactions and the application of hydrogen and coordination bonding to nanofabrication. The group main research areas are listed below.

Main Research Lines: 

  • Polyelectrolyte synthesis and self-assembly
  • Physical chemistry of polyelectrolytes
  • Polyelectrolyte assemblies for drug delivery
  • Development of hybrid materials for tissue engineering
  • Biological fate of polymer nanomaterials

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Science field

Life & Medical Sciences

RIS3 Priorities
  • Biosciences & Health
Main researcher
Sergio Moya
CIC biomaGUNE Parque tecnológico de Gipuzkoa Ed. Pº Miramón 182, 20014, San Sebastián
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