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Our group uses biomaterials-based approaches to boost stem cell biology knowledge, both in physiological and in pathological contexts. For this aim, we generate bioactive and cell-laden 3D structures potentially useful for regenerative medicine and disease modelling studies.

The understanding of bone tissue is the core of our research.  Briefly, we design different kind of xenograft implantable devices to gain insight into specific bone formation processes, and then, we analyse this information in order to define and modulate targetable mechanisms relevant in bone regeneration and bone pathology contexts.

At present, we are applying the mentioned research strategy to study the role of stem cells in the endochondral ossification process, and also to study the role of specific growth factors in bone tissue regeneration process. We believe these research lines will yield new tools potentially useful in traumatology and dentistry, among others.

On the other hand, we have previously proven tissue engineering approaches can be used to define specific processes related to cancer etiology. In this sense, we are now generating new research tools based on biomaterials and aiming to define the role of bone marrow niche in leukemogenesis, in sarcomagenesis and in bone metastasis processes.

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Ander Abarrategi