New Foods Research groups

We accompany enterprises from the generation of innovative ideas, to their transformation into the food of the future.

We are experts in:

  • characterisation of new components and ingredients;
  • development of new products within the health and nutrition scope;
  • development of new products oriented to other market demands such as convenience, comfort, quality, ethics and environmental awareness and competitiveness;
  • manufacturing processes, transformation and preservation technologies to develop products and improve process efficiency from the technological point of view; and
  • validation of new technology in the food sector.

Our research projects are focused on three fields of application:

Food and Health

Our challenge: to address individual consumer needs through health products.

We work to define new components and ingredients that make an impact on health (obesity, cardiovascular diseases and anti-inflammatory agents) improving their functionality through new technologies.

We design and develop products with health and nutritional properties as well as food adapted for people with sensory disabilities to facilitate consumption.

Convenience, Sustainability and Enjoyment

We innovate with products aimed at specific population niches.

We develop new products aimed at meeting market demands such as convenience, comfort, quality, ethics and environmental awareness, focusing on the consumer and adapting to consumer needs (well-being, sports, etc.).

We improve ingredient properties through technology applications and processes.

We innovate with products which have better sensory properties, without additives, enriched, products for specific population niches (ethnic groups, senior population, organic, infant, food allergies, etc.).

In any event, as we develop products oriented to industrial production we also take into account matters such as sustainability, eco-design and cost reduction (both regarding ingredients and processes).

Food Processing and Preservation Technology

We improve the quality, preservation and useful life of products. In sum, we make safer products.

We generate innovation which improves the quality, preservation and useful life of products resulting in improved food safety.

Our researchers are experts in the use of predictive micro-biology models oriented to the useful life of products and validating new food process technology from the quality point of view (physical-chemical characteristics, textures, organoleptic properties), nutritional composition (nutritional and healthy properties) and safety.

Moreover, we focus our knowledge and expertise in improving processes (wastage reduction, costs, etc.) and final product price to be much more attractive for consumers.

Science field

Physical Sciences

RIS3 Priorities
  • Biosciences & Health
Main researcher
Sofía Roca