Neuromuscular Diseases Research groups

Strategic Objectives

  • Phenotypic and neuropsychological characterisation of neuromuscular diseases.
  • Genotype/phenotype correlation in LGMD2A.
  • Development of cellular models for physiopathological studies and testing of therapies in neuromuscular diseases.
  • Clinical and pre-clinical trials.

Main lines of research

  • Waist dystrophies.
  • Facio-scapulo-humeral dystrophy and other scapulo-peroneal syndromes.
  • Myotonic dystrophy.
  • Duchenne dystrophy.
  • Cellular models for muscular diseases.

Science field

Life & Medical Sciences

RIS3 Priorities
  • Biosciences & Health
Main researcher
Adolfo López de Munáin
Biodonostia HRI Pº Dr. Beguiristain s/n 20014 Donostia – San Sebastián Gipuzkoa
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