Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Research groups

The Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group is led by Professor Yury Rakovich at the Centre of Materials Physics. The group's research is focused on spectroscopy and photonic applications of nano-scale functional units, including semiconductor quantum dots and quantum wires, metal nanoparticles and nanoantennas and organic/inorganic nano-hybrid systems.

Research topics

  • Optics of semiconductor nanorystals (quantum dots)
  • Optical properties of nano-hybrid materials fabricated using nano-scale building blocks, such as semiconductor quantum dots, heterostuctures (quantum wires), metal nanoparticles, nanoantenas and organic functional materials (J-aggregates)
  • Energy transfer and conversion in nanostructures on single quantum dot / molecule level
  • Novel experimental approaches to control, manipulate and probe with light on nanoscale
  • Optics of microcavities, photonic molecules and nanojets
  • Field enhanced spectroscopy (photoluminescence enhancement, SERS)
  • Exciton-plasmon interactions in hybrid nanomaterials
  • Spectroscopy of hybrid nano-bio systems

Science field

Physical Sciences

Material Physics Center / Centro de Física de Materiales
RIS3 Priorities
  • Advanced manufacturing
Main researcher
Yuri Rakovich
Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal, 5 – E-20018 Donostia – San Sebastián (Gipzukoa)
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