Mesoscopic Physics Research groups

“Mesoscopic Physics” group is devoted to the theoretical study of the properties of mesoscopic systems, as well as to the study of quantum transport in metals, ferromagnets, semiconductors, superconductors, cold-atoms systems, organic materials and insulators. The main goal of the group is the development of theoretical frameworks to describe several phenomena related to quantum transport in mesoscopic systems, such as the coexistence of ferromagnetism and superconductivity, heat transport in nanostructures, quantum coherence in hybrid systems, and strongly correlated systems.

Science field

Physical Sciences

Material Physics Center / Centro de Física de Materiales
RIS3 Priorities
  • Energy
  • Advanced manufacturing
Main researcher
Sebastian Bergeret
Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal, 5 – E-20018 Donostia – San Sebastián (Gipzukoa)
How to arrive
Main research lines
  • Interplay between Superconductivity, Magnetism and Spin-dependent fields in Nanostructures
  • Non-equilibrium Superconductivity
  • Spin-dependent transport in Nanostructures