Intelligent systems for industry 4.0 Research groups

A multidisciplinary group with a proven track record in both ICT technologies and Materials and Manufacturing, we develop solutions based on monitoring systems in industrial applications.

Our activity ranges from the design of intelligent systems and components (which detect changes in physical variables and process and transmit data for process improvement) to the development of intelligent and automated systems that guide operators and industrial monitoring/automation and to the implementation of new non-destructive techniques that are sensitive to the microstructure of steel and make quality control possible.

Industry 4.0. consists of applying digitization to production processes in factories by means of sensors and information systems that transform production processes and make them more efficient.

This qualitative leap is undertaken in its entirety by the group and its experts in monitoring, manufacturing and non-destructive techniques, which guarantees the utmost quality.

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RIS3 Priorities
  • Advanced manufacturing