eHealth and Biomedical Applications Research groups

The department aims to be a source of innovative technological solutions in the medical sector in general, that allow facing the challenges of medicine in the XXI century, regarding demographic change and population ageing, efficient chronic disease management, arrival of personalised medicine, and sself-management of health and disease. This department is also a source of developments focused on supporting and accelerating biomedical research, as well as biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

The department’s activity is summarized in three main technology lines:

Biomedical Image Analysis and Visualization

Our department has years of experience in the development of computer-aided diagnosis and intervention planning based on medical image analysis. Latest advances in medical imaging technologies (Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound...) provide professionals with data with unprecedented resolution,volume and quality. These data need to be carefully analysed in order to obtain high quality information for diagnosis or therapy. There are many applications, starting from diagnostic radiology, but also including specific applications for clinical specialists or screening in primary health care by using modalities such as retinography or dermatoscopy.

Medical image analysis techniques enable the evaluation of the efficiency of a therapy, which is very helpful for instance in oncology applications, where treatment is usually aggressive and expensive. Regarding surgery, we develop surgery planning systems based on the extraction of relevant information from multidimensional anatomical or functional images, 3D model generation and virtual surgical tools. There are other applications such as population studies or clinical trials based on quantitative imaging.

Another basic research line is the development of support systems for the design and development of implants or personalised implantable devices based on information extracted from medical imaging, with application in dental or maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedic surgery, intraocular devices, etc.

In the field of biotechnology we develop advanced imaging solutions for in-vitro and high-throughput screening systems and automatic classification and quantification. We also develop solutions for biological assay analysis for drug discovery, cell culture monitoring, tissue characterization and classification, animal model imaging, etc.

eHealth/mHealth and Bioinformatics

This line comprises all of the clinical or research applications that enable gathering, harmonising, analysing and exploiting different biomedical information. Actuation spheres include telemedicine and telemonitoring applications in the health and social care sectors , with applications in chronic patients, active and healthy ageing, and self-management of health and disease, sport and wellness in the general population. Related technologies include capture, standardization, integral management and intelligent analysis of heterogeneous data, usually at a large scale and in real time, including Big Data paradigms and mobility (mHealth). 

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