Clinical Epidemiology Research groups

Strategic Objectives

  • To offer teaching in the following areas:
    • Research methodology.
    • Evidence-based healthcare.
    • Clinical decision-making.
  • To advise on the research process:
    • Designing research protocol.
    • Leading the study.
    • Collecting information.
    • Statistical analysis.
    • Disseminating results.
  • To design our own research projects on:
    • Diagnosis
    • Prognosis / Clinical prediction rules.
    • Treatment (randomised clinical trials).
  • To participate in:
    • Hospital structures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare.
    • National and international Clinical Epidemiology and EBM.

Main lines of research

  • Clinical efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Research methodology.
  • Evidence-based medicine.
Science field

Life & Medical Sciences

RIS3 Priorities
  • Biosciences & Health
Main researcher
Iratxe Urreta Barallobre, Ph.D.
Biodonostia HRI Pº Dr. Beguiristain s/n 20014 Donostia – San Sebastián Gipuzkoa
How to arrive
Main research lines
  • Clinical efficiency and effectiveness
  • Research methodology
  • Evidence-based medicine