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Governance refers to ways (systems and institutions) in which society (any given group, community, etc.) organizes itself to make decisions. In this sense, it is a key social driver of environmental change across scales (from local to global) and lays behind the problems of, and solutions to, climate change and other environmental problems. Examples of key elements within IGS are systems of property rights for land, economic policies, informal cultural norms and behavioral rules in society, societal perceptions, values (shared principles) etc. The aim is to include the notion of how transparent and inclusive governance processes are more likely to be regarded as equitable and legitimate as they reduce compliance costs over time and enhance the ease of implementation, even in the absence of consensus, or where decisions are controversial throughout BC3 specific research projects when relevant. (Lead: U. Pascual).

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BC3 - Basque Center for Climate Change
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Unai Pascual
Sede Building 1, 1st floor Scientific Campus of the University of the Basque Country 48940 Leioa
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  • The ecological-economic relationship between human well-being, biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate change