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This Research Line is devoted to adaptation and its enabling policies. Adaptation to climate change refers to “adjustment in natural or human systems in response to actual or expected climatic stimuli”, while adaptation policies instead refer to the design and implementation of specific instruments to prepare us for the changes that are already occurring or that are expected to occur. Together with contributions from other Research Lines, the Adaptation Lab will focus on adaptation economics, adaptation policy analysis, climatic risk assessment, adaptation tracking and climate resilience in health, water, land use, coastal, urban, infrastructures and agriculture, focusing on impacts of heatwaves, flooding, droughts, SLR and others. For this purpose, the methodologies applied include: benefit-cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, risk analysis, stochastic modelling, real options analysis, fore-sighting and scenario analysis, policy analysis, hindsight assessment, indicator-based assessments, systems dynamics and conceptual mapping. (Lead: I. Galarraga).

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Social Sciences & Humanities

BC3 - Basque Center for Climate Change
RIS3 Priorities
Main researcher
Ibon Galarraga
Sede Building 1, 1st floor Scientific Campus of the University of the Basque Country 48940 Leioa
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Main research lines
  • Understanding risks and vulnerability
  • Designing and assessing adaptation policies, instruments and solutions
  • Measuring adaptation progress and understanding adaptation dynamics
  • Understanding the implications of uncertainty