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Scientific Computation Service

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Physical Sciences
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University of the Basque country UPV/EHU CIDIR-Bizkaia (Rectorate building), Bizkaia Campus Bº Sarriena s/n - 48940 Leioa. Chemistry faculty, Gipuzkoa Campus Pº Manuel Lardiazabal, 3 20018 Donostia - San Sebastián


Dr. Eduardo Ogando Phone: 94 601 502 e-mail: edu.ogando@ehu.es

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Access to the unit of Scientific Calculus involves meeting the requirements set forth in the Protocol for access to SGIker and the services it provides. Please check website for specific protocols.


Welcome to the Scientific Computation Service of the UPV/EHU. The aim of the service is to satisfy researchers basic requirements for Scientific Computing providing them the most advanced technologies in the field. We provide not only strong computational resources but human resources in order to assist researcher using HPC in their research. We are open for all researchers from the UPV/EHU, from the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation (RVCTI), and also other external researchers, that requires the use of HPC under similar conditions to those from the UPV/EHU. The IZO-SGI is part of the General Research Services (SGIker) of the University, and follows its regulations in accordance with the directives set out in the First University Plan. The users of the service are requested to acknowledge our resources in any scientific production that was obtained using our resources and to upload their production.


- Assistance in developing or improving codes, advising users on the use of libraries, compilers, etc. - Assistance in the efficient use of applications, including appropriate advice on parallelization and data management strategies - Consulting on optimizing computing resources owned by a research group - Assistance in identifying the needs of software/hardware to solve specific scientific problems - Advice on the purchase of new equipment for scientific computing - Installing and upgrading system software, tools and applications - Training of users


Arina Cluster

Arina consists of 1400 cores for computing distributed in nodes of 8 and 12 cores:

1104 Xeon Cores of last generation
32 Xeon Cores, in nodes with Tesla GPGPUs Computing
224 Itanium2 Cores
40 Opteron Cores

The nodes have between 16 and 128 GB of RAM and are interconnected via an InfiniBand network with high bandwidth and low latency. It also has two sets of read / write disks which have high-performance parallel computing of 4.7 and 22 terabytes of capacity.

GRID Péndulo

Péndulo is a scientific computing grid that uses the UPV/EHU IT room computers as hubs during the time slots where those computers are inactive. A highly-scalable project of our own design. This grid has been built using the Bizkaia CIDIR (Network, Research and Educational Computer Centres) resources, in order to provide a useful tool to the research community.