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  • Physical Sciences

Gorka Pazos
External-Services Manager
+34 943 57 40 00

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CIC nanoGUNE offers External Services with the aim of supporting the characterization and fabrication of materials and micro and nanoscale devices for both academic and industrial users. The External Services Department is designed to be an open facility for researchers and technologists from different business and research fields.
The services offered by the External Services Department can be carried out by qualified nanoGUNE personnel or requested under a self-service mode.
Please contact the External Services Department staff.


To perform several treatments to the specimen, such as wet etching, physical milling, plasma cleaning, annealing at high temperatures, as well as high quality microscopy sample preparation by means of mechanical polishing, physical milling, and others.


Ion milling
Ion processing and sputter deposition of thin films in situ in one chamber without breaking the vacuum conditions.

Reactive ion etching
Reactive etching of wide range of materials (Si, SiO2, PMMA, Au, Ti…)

Microscopy sample preparation
Mechanical polishing of a broad range of sample surfaces up to 0.5 cm2 with final surface roughness of less than 1 nm depending on the material.
Classical TEM bulk samples – prepared by long established dimple grinding and Ar milling methods.
Powder and colloidal samples – dispersion by sonication and nebulization.
Target sample preparation by focused ion beam and/or unique tool for milling, drawing, drilling, polishing and optical microscope imaging without sample removal from the instrument
Others: wire saw, ultrasonic disk cutter, dimple grinder

Annealing in specialized ovens in vacuum conditions
Up to 650 ºC / possibility to introduce nitrogen and argon gas
Up to 1000 ºC / possibility to introduce nitrogen, argon and oxygen gasses


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