Physical Properties Measurement System

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Damien Saurel
Head of the Unit

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The PPMS (Physical Properties Measurement System) from quantum design is aimed to a wide variety of physical and chemical-physical characterizations of bulks, powders and thin films, from cryogenic temperatures up to 126ºC and under magnetic field.

The system is constituted of a sample environment platform, allowing a precise control of temperature (1.9-400K), magnetic field (up to 9T DC) and vacuum (up to 10-4 mbar).

This platform can then be complemented by different options allowing the measure of: 4 probe electronic conductivity (DC and AC), non linear electronic conductivity (I-V), Hall effect, thermal conductivity, thermoelectric effect, thermoelectric figure of merit ZT, specific heat, DC magnetization and AC magnetic susceptibility (down to 2.10-8 emu).

The services are provided for research groups within the center as well as to the external users like other research centers or other public organization, but also to commercial companies and private people.


It is very wide and varied range of processes that can be studied by PPMS. This equipment constitutes the required tool for leading an experimental solid state approach of the problem of optimizing the electronic transport properties of electrochemical energy storage materials, bridging the gap between usual electrochemical chemistry approach and solid state physics approach.

More generally, any device involved in the electrical energy network must have a low internal electrical resistance in order to avoid loss of electrical power through Joule Heating. This may concern production/conversion - such as thermoelectric devices, solar cells or spin batteries, transport (semiconductors, conductors, superconductors), and storage. The requested equipment can thus support any research line about materials with application related to electrical energy.

Moreover, this equipment also allows the investigation of the thermal properties (thermal transport, thermal diffusivity, specific heat), which is suitable for instance for thermal energy storage, magnetocaloric devices, thermosolar applications, or for evaluating the efficiency of thermoelectric devices.

The requested equipment can thus support not only the electrochemical energy storage research line, but also any research line about materials with application related to electrical energy, thermal energy or magnetic energy.

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