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Micro- & Nano-Encapsulation Laboratory

Micro and Nano Encapsulation Laboratory

Research Area: 
Physical Sciences
Life & Medical Sciences

Parque Tecnológico de Álava
Leonardo Da Vinci, 11
E-01510 Miñano (Araba/Álava)


Jesús Valero
Health Director
Tel.: (+34) 946.430.850

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Please contact Tecnalia - Health


This is a room of 65 m2 with advanced equipment to carry out the stabilization and protection of active ingredients and the immobilization of microorganisms for fermentative processes:
- Wide variety of easily scalable technologies: spray-dryer, fluid bed coater, several technologies of capillary jet breakage, coacervation, interfacial polymerization, micro- and nano-emulsions…
- Size and shape of microcpasules by optical analysis
- Determination of nanoparticles size and Zeta potential
- Stability and functionality evaluation equipment