Metabolomics Platform at CIC bioGUNE

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Juan Manuel Falcón (

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Metabolomics constitutes one of the most powerful technologies to understand how a living organism interacts with its environment and can be defined as the quantitative and qualitative analysis of all metabolites in a given organism.

The CIC bioGUNE metabolomics platform has already established a name in the field of methionine metabolism. Recently we have expanded the scope of this assay by including oxidative stress indicators, ecdysones and retinoids. We have optimized extraction methods for most biological matrices including plasma, serum, tissue, cultured hepatocytes and other cell types. Besides our targeted assays we have been investing in the setup and execution of untargeted, LC-MS-based metabolomics experiments.

As for analyte detection, quantification and possible identification we make use of ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) coupled to Time-of-Flight mass spectrometry (ToF MS, SYNAPT G2 HDMS).

The high-resolution mass spectrometry in combination with collision induced fragmentation experiments allows for the structural identification of unknown metabolites.


As a service platform, we try to be as flexible as possible so we are always prepared to design custom assays, tailored to the customer’s demands.

-    Targeted metabolomics analysis: Metabolites from the methionine cycle metabolism, retinol metabolism, polyamines and amino acids. Furthermore, the study of reactive metabolites relevant for drug metabolism.
-    Untargeted metabolomics analysis: Measurement of metabolites in biofluids, cellular and tissues from human or animal source.
-    Assistance in the application of metabolomics: Help in experiment design and so on in order to achieve satisfactory and statistically significant results.


CIC bioGUNE Bizkaia Technology Park Building 801 48160 Derio (Bizkaia)