Genome Analysis Platform at CIC bioGUNE

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The main objective of this platform is the set-up of high-throughput technologies in order to provide support for the characterization of genomes from different points of view. In particular, this laboratory handles molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics analyses applied to the investigation of DNA variants at the whole genome level, the expression of coding and non-coding RNAs and the characterization of DNA methylation profiles.

We count on specialized equipment:

-    HiScan-SQ (Illumina Inc.)
-    QS6 (Applied Biosystems)
-    Bioanalyzer system (Agilent Technologies)
-    Experion (BioRad)
-    EpiMotion liquid handling (Eppendorf)
-    Centrifuges and microcentrifuges
-    Electrophoresis apparatus
-    Gel imaging systems, etc.


Basic PCRs and qPCRs:
-    Validation of SNP and CNV associations.
-    Validation of gene expression by quantitative PCR.

Array based assays:
-    Whole genome SNP genotyping and cytogenetic/CNV analysis.
-    Array-based methylation for Epigenetic analysis.
-    Whole genome expression.

High-throughput sequencing
-    DNA de novo sequencing.
-    DNA targeted re-sequencing (optional target enrichment).
-    DNA targeted re-sequencing (optional target enrichment).
-    Chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA sequencing (ChIP-Seq).
-    DNA Methylation characterization.
-    Gene Expression profiles by mRNAseq or Stranded-Total-RNAseq.
-    Small RNA discovery.

-    DNA variants Association studies.
-    Epigenetic analysis.
-    Differential gene expression analysis.


CIC bioGUNE Bizkaia Technology Park Building 502, Floor 0 48160 Derio (Bizkaia)