Forensic entomology

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Access to the unit of Forensic Entomology involves meeting the requirements set forth in the Protocol for access to SGIker and the services it provides.


Forensic entomology is the application of knowledge about the structure and dynamics of insect communities as evidence in criminal cases to be resolved before a Court. It is linked mainly to the study of arthropods associated with corpses, it is used, among other purposes, to estimate the time elapsed since death or postmortem interval and identification of possible body movements, and the characteristics of the areas of origin. Moreover, it can also be used to detect drugs or poisons, determine the location of an incident and identify the presence and the time of occurrence of injuries.

  • Identification of insects responsible for physical damage and other problems resulting from its presence in real and personal property, individuals etc.
  • Estimated time of insect activity to limit the time and type of contamination, larval infestation in: Dependents (Sick, Elderly, Babies, etc.); Food, pests.; Corpses to assist in estimating the postmortem interval in cases of murder, suicide or natural deaths
  • Breeding species of forensic interest for external supply of stocks in different stages of development.
  • Breeding species of interest in larval therapy.
  • Attraction test under controlled conditions on different populations of insects to develop control tools of their populations.
  • Forensic Genetics: Genetic typing of the main species of forensic interest for molecular identification

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    This unit has a 100m2 biosafety laboratory of level 2, composed of isolated rooms used for the production, analysis, ... and it is equipped with the necessary equipment as brood chambers, microscopes, …