Electron Microscopy & Macromolecular Crystallography Platforms at CIC bioGUNE

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The mission of these platforms is to offer specialized support in projects requiring transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to determinate the sub-nanometric structure of different types of samples. The core infrastructure of the EM Platform at CIC bioGUNE consists of two Jeol cryo transmission electron microscopes.

CIC bioGUNE also enjoys state-of-the-art X-ray crystallography facilities that today can support high-throughput crystallization experiments and conventional in-house data collection.

Instrument list

-    JEM-2200FS/CR transmission electron microscope (JEOL, Japan).

-    JEM-1230 transmission electron microscope (JEOL, Japan).

-    Vitrobot, automated vitrification robot (FEI, The Netherlands).

-    3 cryotransfer holders used for cryo electron microscopy.

-    1 double tilt cryotransfer holder used for cryo electron microscopy.
-    1 ultra-high tilt cryotransfer holder used for cryo-electron tomography.

-    Darkroom and Z/I PHOTOSCAN scanner (ZEIS).

-    High vacuum coating system (MED 020 BALTEC) for carbon evaporation and glow discharge.

-    HP Workstations with linux for data processing.

-    Liquid handling (Tecan) and crystallization (Mosquito) robots in combination with an image analysis platform (Crystal farm), to evaluate the performance of the screenings.

-    X-ray Generator (X8-Proteum)


CIC bioGUNE offers the infrastructure and know-how as a specialized service, offering sample preparation, data collection and data processing for the specific user’s requirements, training in crystallization and use of the equipment within the platform. In addition, the platform can also offer structure determination.

Service list

-    Preparation for specific user requirements.
-    TEM/Cryo-TEM data collection.
-    Data processing and structure determination.


CIC bioGUNE Bizkaia Technology Park Structural Unit Building 800 48160 Derio (Bizkaia)