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  • Life & Medical Sciences

Dra. Maite Álvarez Phone: 945 01 4492 e-mail: maite.alvarez@ehu.es Fax: 945 01 4458

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Given that we are referring to a DNA Bank, the purpose of which is to preserve and safeguard samples, only Technical Personnel from the Unit shall be entitled to access the storage part. On the other hand, authorised users shall be entitled to access the Bank's installations other than where the samples are safeguarded in order to carry out special experiments. These installations may therefore be used by researchers from universities, university colleges, health centres, technology centres and companies, etc. Routine experiments and analyses of results may be carried out and, in any event, the Service Personnel is able to advise users about the most suitable experiments and conditions for each problem as it arises. Requests for work must be addressed to the Service Personnel by completing the relevant form. For further information,please check via the following email address: gcpmagom@lg.ehu.es General rules Access to the DNA Bank unit involves meeting the requirements set forth in the Protocol for access to SGIker and the services it provides.


The DNA Bank Unit of the General Genomics and Proteomics Service at the University of the Basque Country /EHU constitutes a back-up for basic and applied research in different areas of Biomedical, Biological, Environmental and Food Science, among other areas - as well as helping to provide a service in the fields of Clinical Health. This service may be accessed by researchers from the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, other researchers outside the UPV/EHU, and other public and private institutions both within Spain and overseas. The DNA Bank Unit offers a complete set of facilities aimed at making available to researchers collections of nucleic acid samples - mainly DNA - originating from sources.

  • Paternity and Biological Kinship Testing
  • Non-human DNA
  • Post-mortem DNA conservation

University of the basque country UPV/EHU Edificio Lucio Lascaray (CIEA) Miguel Unamuno, 3 01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava)


Faster BIO48
Heraeus Multifuge 35-R
DHPLC WAVE System Model 4500
Genepix 4100A
3130 Genetic Analyzer
-80 ºC freezer -20 ºC freezers 4-10 ºC refrigerators