Computational Biology Platform

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  • Life & Medical Sciences

Marcos Arauzo Bravo, Ph.D.

Tel.: +34 943 00 61 08


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The Computational Biology Platform (CBP) of the Biodonostia HRI provides service to departments of the Donostialdea IHO and the life science community in general. The service transverses all the stages for good research practices, from the experimental design, data analysis, statistical analysis, visualization, preparation of research publication, answers to reviewers and data deposition of omics data in public databases.

The Platform has over 90 publications in high impact journals such as Science (Moore et al, 2015), Nature (Knobloch et al, 2013; Ko et al, 2010; Kim et al, 2009; Kim et al, 2008), Nature Cell Biology (Ohnishi et al, 2014; Esch et al, 2013; Han et al, 2011), Cell (Han et al, 2010; Singhal et al, 2010; Kim et al, 2009), Cell Stem Cell (Rao et al, 2016; Song et al, 2016; Kubaczka et al, 2015; Han et al, 2012; Ko et al, 2009).


Pº Doctor Begiristain, 20014 Donostia