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The following may access the General Animal Unit Services: all researchers from the University of the Basque Country/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, and those from other universities and public and private entities who so request it, in accordance with these regulations and regulations governing SGIs. Each Animal Unit will ensure that some "Regulations for Use" of the Animal Unit services at the relevant Campus be made available to interested parties, including the facilities which are available. It should be recalled that each Animal Unit at the three university campuses of the UPV/EHU is fitted out differently and so there are, therefore, some differences regarding the internal regulations governing operation. Requests for animals or for the use of Animal Unit services will be dealt with in the order in which they are received, and must be recorded in the corresponding register or file containing the service request form file which is available at each Animal Unit. The order in which requests are dealt with may be altered owing to technical reasons or in order to carry out urgent work that has been duly justified by the person in charge of the service. Priority for services outside the UPV/EHU must not exceed 30% of the weekly time during which the service is in operation. When the work carried out by an Animal Unit entails a substantial contribution in the course of research by a research group or project, the relevant publications will mention the use of such services. Rates for using the different equipment will be those that are annually approved by the Research Committee. All services rendered (both internal and external) will be invoiced via the Accounting Dept. at the UPV/EHU or via budgetary procedures, in accordance with the rates established. Laboratory animals will be handled in accordance with the technology corresponding to each species, and always within the scope of the legal regulations in force. The advice given by personnel from the Animal Unit will be taken into account for such purpose. This activity will be governed by the Regulations for Use of services provided by each Animal Unit at the University of the Basque Country-EHU. Internal Regulations General rules Access to the unit of Animal Unit Alava involves meeting the requirements set forth in the Protocol for access to SGIker and the services it provides.


The Animal Unit at the Alava Campus offers the univeristy community and other research centres and companies a series of facilities that enable laboratory animals to be used for research and other scientific and teaching purposes. This is carried out in accordance with the legal regulations in force.


- Management and preparation of experimental lots suited to the different research projects. - Upkeep of animals during experimentation (conventional, infectious, immuno-depressed). - Management of genetically-modified animal colonies. - Obtaining pregnant females (date known). - Marking and obtaining biological samples. - Supervision of the state and wellbeing of the animals before, during and after the experimentation. - Specialist advice. - Training via specific courses. Educational support for different degrees and Mas.


University of the basque country UPV/EHU Pharmacy faculty Pº de la Universidad, 7 01006 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava)

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This Animal Unit is regulated in accordance with Order dated 13th October 1989 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (published in Official Gazette dated 18-10-1989), developed by Royal Decree dated 14th March (published in Official Gazette dated 18-3-1988) and in accordance with Order dated 25th June 1991 issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government (published in the Official Gazette of the Basque Country dated 4-7-1991) governing animals used for experimentation and other scientific purposes. This Animal Unit has been officially fitted out by the Livestock Service of the Provincial Council of Alava, pursuant to Resolution dated 30th March, nineteen ninety-four, and registered as No.2 entry as a User Establishment for animal experimentation. The activities carried out by the Animal Unit are, in accordance with the above regulations, related to research and other scientific purposes, including university teaching.