Animal facilities

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  • Life & Medical Sciences

Dra. María Carmen Rey Santano (Technician in charge) (0034) 94 600 6000

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The Animal facilities, including an animal house and an animal experimental unit, provides support to biomedical initiatives for the generation, dissemination and application of scientific and technical knowledge in non-clinical hospital activities, offering data, as well as physical space and technical equipment. Its functions include advising and collaborating on the design and development of research projects, teaching and other activities, based on biological models rather than human patients.

The goal is to promote biomedical research, development and training by providing health professionals with the resources to necessary develop these initiatives. The result of this is advancement of knowledge with the consolidation of new lines of research within the Strategic Research Plans of the Spanish National Health System and of the hospital itself.

The animal house meets all current regulations for the protection of animals used for experiments and other scientific and teaching objectives and for the places where these activities take place (Spanish Royal Decree 53/2013). Its main mission is to support scientific research and teaching, supplying the health and university systems, as well as other research centres and companies, with animals kept under close monitoring and constant environmental conditions, as well as other related-services they require for research and teaching purposes.


Official rates are available to users. Please request them through the contact form.

  • Management and Purchasing
  • Maintenance
  • Anaesthesia - Analgesia
  • Ventilation
  • Animal model design
  • Surgery
  • Monitoring
  • Administration of substances and extraction of samples
  • Hospitalisation – Intensive Care
  • Laboratory testing – Measurements
  • Euthanasia - Necropsy
  • Research consultancy

Hospital Universitario Cruces. Plaza de Cruces 12, 48903. Barakaldo, Bizkaia (País Vasco)