Molecular & Functional Biomarkers Lab Research groups

The Molecular & Functional Biomarkers Laboratory studies cardio-pulmonary and vascular diseases through functional and molecular imaging and system biology approaches. The group is particularly interested in the potential of new imaging techniques, including nanotechnology-based applications in early diagnosis of pulmonary and cardiovascular remodelling, the assessment of metabolic changes associated with cell growth, the structure and function of the right ventricle and cardiovascular coupling signals. The main research lines are described below.
System and signal biology
-    Metabolomics based biomarkers 
-    Early diagnosis of pulmonary vascular diseases
-    System biology data integration with imaging and physiological signals

-    Hybrid (PET and MRI) nanoparticles for molecular and functional imaging
-    Labeled nanovectors for enhanced lung targeting and early diagnosis of pulmonary and vascular diseases

-    Cardiovascular and pulmonary imaging
-    Functional and molecular imaging of pulmonary vascular diseases


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Life & Medical Sciences

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