Marine and coastal environmental management Research groups

Our challenge is to achieve a sustainable development of our marine activities. We study and provide knowledge of the marine environment from an integrated point of view (physical, ecological and socio-economic characteristics of marine environments and their interactions) to help in decision making processes of managers and stakeholders.

We work in four application areas:

Environmental Impact and Quality
We study the environmental quality evolution of coastal areas and develop new environmental indicators. We provide advice for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD), the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), land-based discharge regulations, international agreements (e.g. OSPAR Convention) and other directives (e.g. Habitats, Bathing Water, Aquaculture and Shellfish Waters, etc.).

Assessment of Ecological and Environmental Status of Marine Environment
Our role is to determine ecological and environmental conditions of estuary and coastal areas. Over 30 years experience in monitoring marine environments (environmental quality monitoring) enable us to provide extensive knowledge for decision making regarding shoreline and estuaries waters and sustainable use of resources.

Preservation of Marine Ecosystems
We investigate to preserve marine biodiversity (species, habitats and processes) and to achieve sustainable management of natural resources. We carry out studies for the declaration of marine protected areas and to preserve marine species at risk.
We propose management measures and strategies to recover natural spaces.

Human Activities and Maritime Spatial Planning
We provide advice for public administration regarding integrated management plans for coastal activities. We assess anthropogenic pressures and impact on the natural environment, providing advice to public administrations to establish integrated management plans of coastal activities (such as dredging, aquaculture, discharges into the sea, etc.).

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