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We live in an interconnected world where the Internet plays a key role, and this is increasingly reflected in the industrial reality of the companies. The digitalization of industrial embedded systems (equipment goods, transport, logistics, power, etc.) is turning into a key part of these systems. In order to achieve that, they are equipped with connectivity, which allow them to be monitored, controlled and managed in a remote way, to offer advanced services (predictive maintenance, fleet management, etc.).

In this area, we investigate new reliable communication systems in industrial environments, and safe from external attacks as well as industrial digital platforms capable of managing and analysing great volumes of data in a scalable manner and in real time (alarms, KPI, predictions, etc.). By combining both areas, we can offer digital platforms for embedded systems that cover all the value chain: from the development of connectivity systems, cybersecurity, the intake of data and the analytic, to their advanced visualization.

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