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The purpose of using cookies on the WEBSITE is to (i) provide the USER with a seamless and customised browsing experience while on the WEBSITE; (ii) allow and enhance access to certain content, enabling the USER to access and use the content and services that Ikerbasque makes available through the WEBSITE; and (iii) analyse the activity of USERS on the WEBSITE with a view to improving it and adapting it to the needs of USERS.


The Website uses third party COOKIES (sent to the USER's device from equipment or a domain managed by a group other than Ikerbasque), as follows : Analytics COOKIES: COOKIES which allow the party in charge to track and analyse the behaviour of USERS on the WEBSITE in order to measure activity for the purposes of improving the WEBSITE. COOKIES USED ON THE WEBSITEnan Listed below are the COOKIES used on the Website:


Google The WEBSITE uses the services of Google Analytics, Google Maps and YouTube. Using these tools implies that Google will use cookies in order to get information about the use of our website. Cookies are used to collect demographic information and information about the interests of the user visiting the WEBSITE, as well as on the use and performance of the user within the WEBSITE, including information that links your visit to our WEBSITE with your Google Account if you are logged-in. Google uses some of these cookies in order to increase the effectiveness of advertising, such as Google Analytics functions implemented as display advertising (remarketing, reports of impressions of the Google Display Network, integration of DoubleClick Campaign Manager or reports of demographic data and interests of Google Analytics). Information about your use of our WEBSITE, including your IP address, can be transmitted to Google and stored on its servers. You can see more information about the use of their cookies and privacy policy at the following links: Google Privacy Policy [] How does Google use Cookies [] Which kind of Cookies does Google use [] Third party analytics COOKIES The WEBSITE uses GOOGLE ANALYTICS, a web analytics service developed by GOOGLE INC. which enables Ikerbasque to find out how USERS interact with the WEBSITE and produce reports on browsing patterns on the WEBSITE, without individual USERS being identified. The information generated by GOOGLE ANALYTICS COOKIES will be directly transmitted to and stored by GOOGLE INC. on its own servers. Subsequently, GOOGLE INC., acting on its own behalf, is exclusively responsible for capturing information on how USERS use the WEBSITE and determining the purposes for which the captured information is processed and used. Meanwhile, Ikerbasque does not have any access whatsoever to that information, receiving only the aggregated, anonymous information that GOOGLE INC. provides through its reports. For further information on GOOGLE ANALYTICS and the general terms that govern its use, please visit: Likewise, it is understood that Ikerbasque does not have access to information captured by the other third party COOKIES listed in this Cookies Policy, and that those third parties themselves shall determine the purposes for which this information is processed and used. CONSENT Notwithstanding any express consent that the USER may have given when accessing the WEBSITE or, if applicable, when registering to access the content and services offered by Ikerbasque through the WEBSITE, as well as in any other sections of the WEBSITE which include mechanisms of express consent (i.e. SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS), the USER is agreeing to the installation and use of COOKIES described above by continuing to use the WEBSITE. Furthermore, USERS are informed that they may at any time withdraw the consent they gave concerning the use of COOKIES on the WEBSITE, and can delete the COOKIES stored on their device by adjusting their browser settings and preferences. The WEBSITE is accessible without the need to accept COOKIES. Nevertheless, USERS are warned that rejecting or uninstalling COOKIES may result in reduced functionality when accessing certain content or using some services offered to the USER via the WEBSITE.


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