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NEIKER is a state-owned Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, which seeks to generate knowledge and service that adds value to the agri-food sector and to the environment, by actively contributing to the deployment of the Basque Government’s goals and to the economic and social development of the region, thus improving its competitiveness and sustainability. At NEIKER we are committed to improving productivity and competitiveness of agricultural production systems and the development and application of new management technologies in farms. Always meeting quality requirements in the agri-food transformation industry, of products with distinctive marks, and of consumers in general, and making up the technological infrastructure to respond to biological threats, the actual production system and the population. We develop R&D projects with a team of more than 180 people, and we offer a wide range of laboratory services, assistance and advice, and we carry out transfer and training activities. We have state-of-the-art resources and infrastructure, as well as highly qualified staff. We transfer technology not only with R&D projects, which enable us to expand our scientific knowledge, but also using the results of this research. There are two main instruments for this: creation of New Technology-Based Companies (NTBCs), and management of Industrial Property.


NEIKER - Tecnalia

Campus Agroalimentario de Arkaute. Apto 46. E-01080. Vitoria-Gasteiz (ARABA)

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T: +34 94 512 13 13