Grupos de investigación

We are a technology centre that specialises in industrial production and manufacturing technologies, and we are integrated into the BRTA Technology Alliance.

Our activity covers the identification and analysis of opportunities, the design and development of products, business lines and production processes and the resolution of problems through the provision of technological services such as technical consultancy and equipment based services. We are known for the scientific excellence developed in our lines of research which are aimed at advancing our specialisation. Our own organisational model encourages interdisciplinary work and we take special care in the qualification and professional development of our staff. We have the most up to date facilities and equipment and we are committed to collaborative work through the establishment of a wide range of contacts with leading centres at an international level.



Arriaga Kalea, 2 - E-20870 ELGOIBAR (Gipuzkoa)

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T: (34) 943748000