IKUR is the Basque strategy promoted by the Education Department of the Basque Government to boost the Scientific Research in specific strategical areas and to position them at international level. Although its first focus is to enhance the the generation of knowledge of excellence, in the medium and long term, it also seeks the technological development in these fields.

With the reference of the European Flagship initiatives, adapted to the reality of the Basque Country, the IKUR Strategy identifies and develops the scientific strategy of the Basque Country with:

  1. Research and training programs of excellence
  2. The generation of state-of-the-art infrastructures and equipment
  3. The articulation of a scientific, technological and industrial community
  4. The endowment of specific resources (and the orientation of some of the those existing in its impulse)

IKUR has been defined with a tailored planificacion for each strategic area, identifying the objectives, milestones and goals to achieve; the key players in its drive and the economic and budgetary bases on which it is based.

The expected added value of this top-down strategy are the concentration of significant resources over specific scientific areas with strategic interest for the Basque Country, promoting great Scienctific initiatives; and the ambition regarding expected results, and its capacity to speed up the rythms to reach them.

There have been defined 4 areas of strategic interest in IKUR:

  1. Neurobiosciences
  2. Quantum technologies
  3. Neutrionics
  4. High Performance Computing & Artificial Intelligence

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