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Since 1989, this is a specialised library in socio-legal studies, open to all researchers.

The Institute’s socio-legal Library contains major collections in English and Spanish and significant materials in French, German and Italian. It hosts the potentially best collection of socio-legal resources in the world, with more than 21.000 catalogued books, together with a valuable journals collection, included the complete collections of sociolegal journals

There is direct access to books and journals at the reading rooms. Most of the collection is in English (also in Spanish, Basque, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese).

The classification system, designed for our library, develops extensively the sociolegal areas. The Library catalogues not only books, but also individual chapters and articles in the socio-legal area, and the Catalogue is openly accessible via the Internet. It is a useful tool for the visiting scholars to find out their interest fields.

The catalogue contains more than 96.000 records of the books, chapters in collective works, journals articles and digital files. All of them are analysed with English keywords. When available, the Open Access link is included.

The Institute welcomes visitors at every level, from doctoral and post-doctoral to experienced researchers. Visiting library scholars can get accommodation at the IISL's Antia Residence if requested in advance.


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