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Felix Elortza Basterrika (

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Proteomics through relative protein quantification has become a powerful tool to decipher cell´s molecular basis and biomarker discovery. With that in mind, we use nLC MS/MS based Label Free quantification. Accordingly, we count with one of the most sophisticated proteomic nLC MS/MS combo: EVOSEP ONE (nLC) coupled on-line to a TIMS Tof Pro (MS/MS). Our technology results in high sensitivity, performance and throughput proteomics pipeline. The final outcome is a straightforward procedure, letting us to get useful biological information starting from a very diverse type of samples (e.g. tissue samples, biological fluids, total cell lysates, exosomes, viruses etc.) and enabling us to tackle translational and precision medicine projects.

Proteomics Platform at CIC bioGUNE is integrated in the ProteoRed-ISCIII, the Spanish Proteomics Services Network.  


-    Peptide Separation.
-    Protein and Peptide molecular weight analysis determination by MALDI-TOF.
-    Protein identification by nLC MS/MS.
-    Protein relative quantification by label free nLC MS/MS.
-    Protein Characterization: Post-translational Modification analysis.
-    Natural Peptidome (endogenous peptides) analysis by nLC MS/MS.


CIC bioGUNE Bizkaia Technology Park Building 800, 48160 Derio (Bizkaia)

Otra información

-    Autoflex Smartbeam MALDI TOF (Bruker).
-    Nano Acquity (Waters) coupled on-line to an Orbitrap XL ETD mass spectrometer (Thermo).
-    EVOSEP ONE (and nano Elute, Bruker) coupled on-line to a TIMS Tof Pro mass spectrometer (Bruker).