Polymer Composite Manufacturing Lab

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  • Engineering & Technology
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Some of the researchers must supervise the activity.


The main objective is to generate and disseminate new knowledge related to the next-generation composite materials, with special emphasis on those whose energy absorbing and damage tolerant are outstanding, and are manufactured by liquid moulding techniques (RTM, WCM, infusion, pultrusion). Our holistic approach, covering from material characterisation to process/structural simulation and experimental trials, favours the solvency to be involved in projects going from TRL1 up to TRL 6. Services: Materials characterisation (permeability, curing kinetics, mechanical properties), Process simulation, New processes, Lightweigth design


Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, S.Coop. Loramendi, 4 20500 Arrasate - Mondragon

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  • Bent-pultrusion machine (Robot + UV LED lamps)
  • RTM electric injection machine (Radius): Up to 280 ºC injection temperature, 27 bar injection pressure, 2100 cc injection volume
  • 4000 kN Servo-mechanical press (FAGOR)
  • 1500 kN Hydraulic press (GAMEI)
  • 35 kN Servo-press (SCHMIDT)
  • DC-based monitoring system (Optiflow, Synthesites)
  • Fibre Optic Sensor (fos4Test nSens, fos4X)
  • Infrared camera (Jenoptik Varioscan 3021-ST)
  • Pressure sensor, thermocouples
  • DSC and photo-DSC (Mettler Toledo DSC 1).
  • Rheometer (Anton Paar MCR501)
  • Permeability: In plane and through-thickness
  • Scanning electron microscope, SEM (Nova NanoSEM 450, FEI)
  • Uniaxial Testing Machine (from 50 N to 100 kN; 20-300ºC)
  • Instrumented falling-weight impact machine (Farctovis Plus, CEAST)
  • 100 kN Fatigue Testing System (MTS 810)
  • Phased array C-Scan (OmniScan PA)
  • CAD Software: Mechanical Desktop, Solid-Edge, Solid Works, Unigraphics, CATIA
  • General purpose FE-Simulation-Software: ABAQUS, MSC MARC, COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS Multiphysics