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Our BIO-RAD Quest 10 Chromatography system allows easy, automated and all-purpose purification of proteins and biomolecules. It has automated 10 ml/min pumps that provide accurate gradients for high-resolution separation of proteins and biomolecules. It also has a wavelength detector with monitoring for high accuracy detection of proteins combined with conductivity measurements. Besides It supports automated sample injection using dedicated loops, fractionated samples can be collected using its specific fraction collector. Main technical specifications:

  • F10 pump (flow rate 10 ml/min)
  • Sample pump (for automated sample application)
  • Mixer module (includes a mixer motor and integrated pressure sensor)
  • Single-wavelengh detector module (UV detection at 255 or 280 nm)
  • Conductivity detector module (includes temperature sensor)
  • Sample inject valve (μl to L volumes)
  • Air sensor (detects end of buffer and sample to protect against column damage)
  • Valves (sample inject valve, buffer blending valve, pH valve, column switching vavle and outlet valve)
  • BioFrac Fraction Collector (versatile capability for sample collection)

The Molecular Biology Facility provides research support services to internal users.Current services: Genotyping; RNA extraction; qPCR, PCR; Purification of DNA; Enzymatic reactions and/or ligation; Work with bacteria; and Cloning.


Parque Científico UPV/EHU; Edif. Sede, Planta 3 E-48940 Leioa (Bizkaia).