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Gorka Pazos
External-Services Manager
+34 943 57 40 00

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CIC nanoGUNE offers External Services with the aim of supporting the characterization and fabrication of materials and micro and nanoscale devices for both academic and industrial users. The External Services Department is designed to be an open facility for researchers and technologists from different business and research fields.
The services offered by the External Services Department can be carried out by qualified nanoGUNE personnel or requested under a self-service mode.
Please contact the External Services Department staff.


We offer the possibility to make different shape structures in the nano and microscale on different types of substrates, semiconductors and insulators. The smallest resolution achievable is around 20 nm by electron-beam lithography technique, while using the focused ion beam milling we are able to pattern features with sizes down to 10 nm. Moreover, our FIB/SEM dual beam system gives the possibility to deposit nanostructures of a wide variety of materials by focused ion/electron beam induced deposition.


E-beam lithography
Design fabrication
Sample preparation for e-beam
Nanostructure fabrication
Minimum feature size ≤ 20 nm.
Maximum patterned area 4 inch
Resist developing
Material deposition / milling / etching
Lift-off process


Tolosa Hiribidea, 76
E-20018 Donostia – San Sebastian