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Luis Mir. Power Electronics Area

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The Medium Voltage Laboratory is the centre of the characterization and validation of Power Electronics and Electric Machines developed in IK4-Ikerlan. The laboratory consists of two different zones, the Electrical Machines Laboratory and the Power Electronics Laboratory.
The Electric Machines Laboratory is a totally enclosed and isolated room equipped with two machine tests-benches, each one based on a 120 kW commercial motor and drivers as load connected to the grid, as well as a 4 kV/200kW dc power supply for the developed prototypes. The aim of this laboratory is the characterization and validation of developed electric machines, drive converters and control strategies.
The Power Electronics Laboratory is a medium voltage cage equipped with medium voltage high power (4 kV/200 kW), low voltage high current (24 V/1000 A) and a high voltage low current (12 kV/250 mA) dc power supplies, as well as high power passive loads. The aim of this laboratory is the characterization and validation of the developed power converters (grid connected converters, dcdc converters, energy storage systems, auxiliary converters, etc.) and Power Electronics components (IGBTs, drivers, transformers, etc.).
The equipment of the Medium Voltage Laboratory offers the capability to test not only the components individually, but also the whole system, control strategy and thermal management.


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